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TO THE WONDER tells the story of Marina (Kurylenko) and Neil (Affleck), who meet in France and move to Oklahoma to start a life together, where problems soon arise. While Marina makes the acquaintance of a priest and fellow exile (Bardem), who is struggling with his vocation, Neil renews a relationship with a childhood sweetheart, Jane (McAdams). Bold and lyrical, the film is a moving, gorgeously shot exploration of love in its many forms. Written and directed by Terrence Malick.(c) Official Site
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Release Date To The Wonder Apr 12, 2013 Limited
Genres To The Wonder : Drama,Romance


Story Line For To The Wonder

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Actors For To The Wonder

Olga Kurylenko,Rachel McAdams,Ben Affleck,Javier Bardem,Christian Bale,Rachel Weisz,Charles Baker,Romina Mondello

Review For To The Wonder

There's nothing to "get." There really isn't. It's a story about a troubled relationship that, for me, ultimately chokes on its own self-conscious flourishes.
Linda Holmes-NPR

I recommend it for anyone who'll get a buzz out of hearing a line like "what is this love that loves us?" spoken in French.

A ramble through the ecstasies of the natural world as experienced or ignored by little people on a giant, gorgeous planet.
Richard Corliss-TIME Magazine

However accomplished Malick's technique might be in some ways, this mostly comes off, especially in the laborious second hour, as visual doodling without focused thematic goals.
Todd McCarthy-Hollywood Reporter

A brave, soul-stirring and sensitive work.
James Mottram-Total Film

The interaction between the leads is about as enticing as watching paint dry!
Ian Gilchrist-HeyUGuys

If To the Wonder is the kind of film we get when Malick is prolific, I'd rather he took another ten or twenty years off.
Tom Clift-Moviedex

Malick has the unnatural talent to evolve a simplistic and adolescent game of hide and go seek into a profound and existential search into the character's hearts and minds.
Sam Fragoso-Fan The Fire

This may be the only film where Oklahoma has ever looked as stunning as France ... The film comes to life when [Rachel] McAdams appears on the screen; she oozes with vulnerability.

To the Wonder plays like a nature documentary featuring famous actors who wander into the shot from time to time.
Chris Stuckmann-Moviedex

To the Wonder is visually deep and beautiful, but the characters and story are complete non-factors for the film.
David Baldwin-We Got This Covered

It's actually Terrence Malick's most linear film. It's still poetic and beautiful in the scenes, but it has a clear beginning, middle and end.
Fred Topel-CraveOnline

This may not be his best film, or his most ambitious cinematically. But whether you agree with him or not, it is handsome and sincere.
Derek Malcolm-This is London

You have to accept Malick on his own terms, and for those who do, To The Wonder will feel like a tall pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea on a hot summer's day: glistening, sweet and restorative.
Robbie Collin-Daily Telegraph

It is a bold and often beautiful movie, unfashionably and unironically concerned with love and God, and what will happen to us in the absence of either.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

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