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STARBUCK stars Patrick Huard as David Wosniak, a 42-year old lovable but perpetual screw up who finally decides to take control of his life. A habitual sperm donor in his youth, he discovers that he's the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom are trying to force the fertility clinic to reveal the true identity of the prolific donor code-named Starbuck. (c) EOne R
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Release Date Starbuck Mar 22, 2013 Limited
Genres Starbuck : Art House & International,Comedy


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Actors For Starbuck

Patrick Huard,Antoine Bertrand,Julie Le Breton,Julie LeBreton

Review For Starbuck

Opportunities for sentimentality are everywhere, of course, but a comically oversized group hug is about as syrupy as things get.
John DeFore-Hollywood Reporter

An ingratiating comedy based on the premise that it takes a village to raise an adult.
Stephen Cole-Globe and Mail

A wonderfully sweet and poignant comedy that goes in all kinds of unexpected directions.
Bruce Demara-Toronto Star

A potent comedy of genetic chaos.
John Anderson-Variety

Scott deftly balances David's ridiculous mission with moments of real tenderness, making for several heartfelt moments that help carry you past the fact that such a situation couldn't possibly have the ending it does.
Dave McGinn-Globe and Mail

It's a concept with decent comedic potential, but the script from Martin Petit and Ken Scott (who also directs) rarely raises more than a titter.
Niki Boyle-The List

By taking a warm, witty approach to a rather outrageous situation, Canadian filmmaker Ken Scott helps us see past the plot holes to the underlying emotional resonance.

The film's French-Canadian director has much queasy fun confronting David's predicament and its effects on his tight-knit Catholic family and his pregnant fiancee.
Philip French-Observer [UK]

When are 'lovable' movie losers even more (allegedly) lovable? When they're all foreign and arthousey, of course!
MaryAnn Johanson-Flick Filosopher

If you are looking for a feel-good movie, Starbuck is the place to go.
Grant Rollings-Sun Online

Good fun and well performed with plenty of charm.
Henry Fitzherbert-Daily Express

Almost all the charm of the real story is lost through the contrivances and overacting.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

Moderately entertaining, but cartoonish and manipulative.
Ashley Clark-Little White Lies

Enjoyable, feelgood French-Canadian comedy enlivened by a witty script and a charming central performance from Patrick Huard.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

Sappy, sloppy Québécois comedy in which an enthusiastic sperm donor learns he has fathered more than 500 children.
Robbie Collin-Daily Telegraph

Its story is formulaic and undisciplined, while its tone is mildly reactionary and hugely sentimental.
Ben Walters-Time Out

Huard's charm offsets the plots contrivances, while Ken Scott's finely balanced direction humanises the high concept.
Simon Kinnear-Total Film

A French comedy that pitches for wit over broad comedy, it's successful in salting what could be a over-sugary confection with healthy dose of wryness.
Philip Wilding-Empire Magazine

Despite the way Starbuck jerks around (ha) with the character's growth, it's still satisfying to see this intriguingly bizarre situation play out...

...a perfectly watchable yet decidedly uneven comedy/drama that benefits from Patrick Huard's consistently engrossing performance.
David Nusair-Reel Film Reviews

A movie that incidentally has nothing to do with coffee except for how over-caffeinated it sometimes feels.
Radheyan Simonpillai-NOW Toronto

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